We take the mystery out of what's in your medical cannabis.

The CANNALYZER Initiative revolutionizes the Canadian Cannabis Industry by providing express delivery of accurate, reliable potency analysis and testing for legally-authorized producers, distributors, licensed regulators and patients.

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Through rigorous quality-standard protocols in our process CANNALYZER

Provides stakeholders in the industry with greater insight into the quality of the product they both produce and purchase.

CANNALYZER potency verification provides the piece of mind of knowing you are getting the THC and CBD dosing you require from the strains you are purchasing and consuming.

FOR LPs, ACMPR Growers, Extractors and Product Manufacturers:
How will your business adapt to new laws and increased competition?

As the cannabis industry enters an uncertain yet promising new era, cannabis businesses must find ways to adapt – or else risk being left behind. Growers and extract processors are showing new interest in technologies that help create superior products while cutting costs. The CANNALYZER is the Cannabis Industry's solution to the challenges of quality control, potency, reliability and transparency - adding value to cannabis businesses through fast and accurate THC/CBD testing for cured flowers and concentrates CANNALYZER makes knowing what you are consuming and distributing both convenient and cost effective with results being delivered within 48 hours!

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